Exciting changes for my blog & I need to ask you all a favour!

Hello Everyone!


I have been blogging for about a year now and it’s been a hell of a journey. I’ve loved that you’ve been with me through almost every step of the way. I’ve learned a lot, met some fantastic new people and have built rich relationships with fellow bloggers, my subscribers and companies I’ve dealt with through the year. I’ve grown so much as a blogger and feel the need to be more professional now. I felt it was time for me to progress to the next chapter of my blogging journey and take my website to the next level.

About a week ago, on the day of my 1 year bloggiversary I decided to move my blog over from a wordpress.com blog over to a new and improved self-hosted wordpress.org website. Does this mean I am packing my bags and leaving the beauty blogging blogosphere? No.

What this means is that I’ll have more freedom to present my material the way I really want it to be presented. I am still learning (this is a massive learning curve for me) so things will be tweaked along the way.

What this also means, is that my current followers on my wordpress.com site (this one you are reading) will not receive email notifications when I post a new article on my new blog. I say ‘new’ but it’s not really a new blog – it’s just migrated over to a different URL. I am the same person, using the same name and logos and I am still generating the same content. Naturally, this is going to cause an issue as there are a lot of you who were reading my posts straight off the press on my wordpress.com blog who now won’t be able to see that I’ve written a new article on my wordpress.org blog.

I need your support


So now, I need to ask a favour from you. What I need from you is to head on over to www.thebeautyandthegeekau.com by clicking the link and enter your email to subscribe to my email list. This way, you can keep in touch with my new posts on my new website and this website that I am now posting on will become inactive. It’s a win-win situation! I get to keep my followers from my wordpress.com website and you stay in touch with an active blog rather than an inactive one.

So please, I’d love for you to help me out by sticking with me on my new URL. If you could click the link above and just press the ‘follow’ button (which would only take a few seconds!) I will be so grateful! Please let me know if you do, by leaving a comment so I can personally thank you. I hope you continue to stay with me on my new website – it’s just same same but different, you know?


Until then, as always,


*Note: Stock images taken from Pixabay

4 thoughts on “Exciting changes for my blog & I need to ask you all a favour!

  1. I know the feeling! I did an overhaul of my blog and unfortunately lost a bunch of my followers. I have followed your new site btw! Great move for the blogiversary!


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