How I’m saving my Summer skin with Alpha Keri


I’ve always loved the strong heat, and in the Summer you’ll find me constantly outdoors, in the sun, in the water, in the air. But this type of love for Summer doesn’t come without a cost. As well as issues with sun damage, this Summer I’ve also experienced the worst bout of dry skin I think I’ve ever had. I’m still not accustomed to being in the very dry South Australian heat, originally being from North NSW. This means my beauty habits when it comes to exfoliating and moisturising my limbs falls pretty short of adequate for the climate I’m in now.

The signs of dry skin were completely obvious. I had dehydrated skin, but was worse was that my skin was flaking and peeling everywhere on my legs and my arms. It was so dry, looked like fish scales and was so flaky that I could literally see the dead skin falling off my skin whenever wind picked up outside. It looked like my skin had dandruff it was that bad! I put this down to being at the beach quite frequently, the use of air conditioning and being in the Sun, so the combination of dry heat, dry air and salt water – without replenishing hydration afterwards – would have completely ruined my skin.

During this time however, I was introduced to Alpha Keri and was offered some products to try and help combat this issue I was having. I was sent their ‘Supple Skin Shower and Body Oil’, their ‘Anti-Cellulite Sugar Body Scrub’ and their newly released ‘Micellar Body Cleansing Milk’ which of course is my hero product of the bunch!*

A strong heritage in body care

Alpha Keri is a long-standing and trusted skincare brand that went under a massive re-launch late last year in their 45 year history – a massive risk but they’ve resurfaced with all guns blazing. They have a tonne of different innovative technologies they incorporate into their skin care products aimed to address pretty much every skin care complaint you could think of with their products. Safe to say I was really quite intrigued by their products and had a lot of hope that they would help with my dry Summer skin woes.

Anti-Cellulite Sugar Body Scrub


I’m such a big user of body scrubs but find ones without any oils or added moisturisers to be too harsh and even more drying on my skin. I didn’t want to try this scrub for it’s cellulite-fighting claims I’ll be honest (because I’m quite skeptical), I just love using body scrubs and hoped this would be effective in removing my flaky and peeling skin.

Collagen-Plus Technology

The technology in this sugar scrub is based on the combination of Coffee seed extract with Orange Wax that helps to actively stimulate and increase elastin and collagen production in our skin, thereby reducing the appearance of cellulite (but not eliminating it!). However, there are studies both for and against the effect of coffee extract on cellulite and these depend on a lot of factors like the concentration of caffeine and how it’s applied. In any case, massaging during application is necessary to help improve blood circulation for best results.

Orange wax is an interesting ingredient you don’t see around much. It’s an emollient and moisturiser with phytosterol esters, which help in skin smoothing and softening. It also has anti-oxidant properties and is mildly antibacterial. It’s a semi solid wax extracted from orange peels and isn’t tested on animals.

Verdict on the sugar scrub


This is unlike any other body scrub I’ve tried. It has literally no scent at all! And the texture of this scrub is so surprising. It’s like a jelly, but with grit. It’s not unpleasant, in fact I really enjoyed using this scrub. It applies beautifully onto the skin and actually stays on! Too many times I’ll use a body scrub and it will just fall off my skin instantly when I try to rub it in but I didn’t have that problem here. It left such a nice feel to my skin, I could really feel the emollient nature of this scrub. It smoothed out my skin and left it feeling so hydrated! I really loved this scrub.

Micellar Body Cleansing Milk


I can’t tell you how excited I was to trial this, especially with the rise to fame of micellar skin care. I love how Alpha Keri is riding the micellar water wave and have incorporated it into a body wash, it makes so much sense!

Mineral Skin-brightening technology

This cleansing milk not only includes micelles to cleanse and pull out impurities but also lapis lazuli extract and white water lily extract, and a moisturising cream. Overall, it not only cleanses the skin, but conditions your skin at the same time.

Lapis Lazuli is a natural limestone and contains minerals such as silicon, calcium and magnesium. It is thought to help hydrate the skin and to reinforce the epidermis to make it more durable to external everyday aggressors. I can’t seem to find any scientific studies or trials on this though which would be helpful for me to assess it’s efficacy in skin care.

White Water Lily extract is also thought to be a great skin-brightening agent and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties but again, scientific data in terms of skincare is limited.

Putting the Micellar Body Cleansing Milk to the test

Alpha Keri do not add any fragrance to this but I was expecting SOME sort of smell, much like the sugar scrub. It’s not like I didn’t like it, it is just something I’m not used to! The texture of the product and the finish it left on my skin were both really comfortable and super hydrating. I’m usually a person that goes for heavily scented body washes because they are my favourite to use – but sometimes the added fragrances can be a little drying to the skin. This is a ‘no-fuss/ no-bullshit’ type of product that does what it claims to do. When it cleans my skin without drying it out, and even adding hydration, I’m sold. It doesn’t strip the skin at all and I don’t feel the need to go right in with a post-shower moisturiser on my skin with this – but I do anyway just to be sure. I’m really loving this body cleanser and it will be a favourite of mine for a while to come I think.

Supple Skin Shower and Body Oil


I’m a real body oil junkie, however the body oils I was using to try and help with my crocodile skin weren’t adding enough long-lasting hydration. Overnight, my skin would revert back to its severely dehydrated state. I needed something more. Again, I was super excited to give this a go to see if it could help with my skin.

Lanolin-Hydro Technology

Lanolin is secreted by sebaceous glands of sheep and seeps into their wool. It previously had a bad reputation because of heavy pesticide use in the 60’s and caused allergic reactions, but now science and technology has progressed to a stage where there is a reduction in the use of harmful pesticides but also better extraction and production process to obtain high grade pure lanolin.

It’s a super hydrating ingredient that is bio-compatible with our skin. It not only moisturises our skin but it helps prevent moisture loss at the same time. It can be comedogenic though so don’t use it in your face just to be safe. Also, as an animal-derived ingredient, lanolin can be seen as a less favourable ingredient as opposed to alternatives which are synthetic or derived from plants.

My thoughts on the Shower and Body Oil

Again, I find it really unfamiliar not to have a scent to a body oil, but it’s not disappointing if a product works. I use this in the same way I use a facial oil – after cleansing & exfoliating but before a moisturiser lotion. I also used this as a bath oil and was so pleased to see it didn’t feel slippery or have a greasy residue in the bath. The texture and consistency of this oil is definitely heavier than others I’ve tried though. Because of this, it takes a little more time and effort to work it into my skin but in saying that, a little massage doesn’t do any damage. Because it’s heavier, I felt like it moisturised my skin not better than others, but for longer. Again, it doesn’t hide behind fancy smells or packaging – just purely a good oil that works.

So did the range work?


I’ve been using the range religiously for over a week now and my skin has dramatically improved from where it was at. In hindsight, it would have been so good for me to take a before and after photo to really show you how bad my skin was and how much it has improved now. My skin isn’t flaking or peeling anymore (thank God!) but I do still have dry patches that need exfoliation and hydration. I don’t think the sugar scrub will help too much with cellulite but as I said I wanted to try it for its exfoliation abilities not for it’s cellulite-fighting claims. Nonetheless, the combination of all 3 products have so far improved my skin condition more than the previous products I was trying. I’m really pleased in the efficacy of the system and will definitely continue using! The whole range is super affordable with the most expensive products being the scrub and cleansing milk at $14.99 each!


Have you used Alpha Keri before? What’s your favourite product? Or, if you suffered the same issues as me, what helped for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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*These products were sent to me for editorial consideration. As always, the generosity of the providing party has not influenced my views or opinions of the products mentioned. I am also not a skincare expert so please do not substitute my opinions for professional advice.

34 thoughts on “How I’m saving my Summer skin with Alpha Keri

    1. I love your continued support Steph! I think a lot of ingredients are used or targeted because they seem to be the ‘buzz words’ in the beauty industry. But because of this not a lot of info is actually known about the ingredients and how they are made/produced. I like finding out these sort of things and sharing it with everyone! X

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  1. Loved this review! So detailed as always! I’ve never used Alpha Keri, but I’ve always been intrigued by the big claims that Alpha Keri makes about cellulite and toning, but I’m very skeptical. That scrub sounds so lovely though! I might have to get my hands on it

    Laura || xx


    1. Thank you Kat! You always have such supportive and kind words! And I was the same to he honest. I was never really interested in trying their stuff when I saw them in store, especially because there is no Fragrance. But when it was offered to me to review I thought I’d give them a shot and I am so glad I did! The products really work for dry skin!!


  2. My skin looks like snake skin as well if I don’t really take care of it. I’ve seen this brand in Priceline and wondered if it lived up to the reputation. Thanks for your review.


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