5 ways to ‘Spring Clean’ your beauty routine

Well it seems that Winter is now leaving us here in Australia and Spring has officially started! I couldn’t be happier. I absolutely hate Winter. A sullen countenance seems to take over me when Winter hits. Not to mention it really messes up the beautifully sun-kissed and smooth skin I acquire through Spring and Summer by replacing it with ghost-pale, dry, dehydrated and flaky skin. Strangely, it also causes somewhat of a forest to grow on my legs. I know I’m not alone here…

But never fear, Spring is here! And with it, comes a fantastic opportunity to completely revamp your beauty routine to totally prepare you for the warmer months. Gone are the days when you thought Spring cleaning was only applicable to housework – now, I do both! Because the needs of our skin are different during the colder months, and colours and tones change through the trends, our beauty routines and ‘Makeup of the Day’ changes seasonally as well. With the transition into Spring coming up, I’m giving you my best tips for revamping your beauty routine for the Sunny, warmer (and happier in my experience) days to come.

1. Rotate your skincare regime

It’s common knowledge that your skin tends to become super dehydrated with the onset of Autumn and Winter – but ‘why the dry’? I could list the culprits for days on end but one of the most common reasons why you’re skin suffers in the cold is because during Autumn and Winter the humidity levels in the Earth’s atmosphere drop dramatically. This drop in humidity directly affects your skin hydration levels, because it doesn’t supply your skin with as much atmospheric moisture, and at the same time it literally sucks your skin dry. The other big reason of course, is the use of heating appliances to warm your tootsies! The use of heating is a massive reason why you’re skin appears more dry – because especially with air conditioning, the air that is produced is completely devoid of any moisture, adding to the already low levels of humidity. So generally, during Winter – your skin needs much more hydration and nourishment than in the warmer months. Moisturisers are heavier, cleansers should be more hydrating (a cream cleanser is a great option), as well as rich body washing balms instead are used during the cooler months.

But with Spring and Summer, our skin is hydrated more effectively by the atmosphere with the increase in humidity. Your skin’s needs are changing, so your skincare routine should as well. Start with changing up your cleanser – instead of heavier, richer cleansing creams, choose a cleanser that is more lighter on the skin but still gentle. The warmer weather and higher levels of humidity not only cause an increase in sebum production in those with oily skin – but in everyone. My top pick is the Bioderma Sebium Purifying Cleansing Gel. It’s so light, has a beautiful texture and gel consistency, but still very gentle and effective.


Exfoliation is key for the transition into Spring! It’s time to shed those layers of dry, flaky, and rough Winter skin and reveal more healthier, glowing, smoother and clearer complexion! I’m currently OBSESSED with the way the Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% is making my skin look and feel. The smell is very chemical, but if you can get past that like I did by focusing on the benefits it gives your skin – you’ll love it as much as I do. Additionally, glycolic acid is somewhat of a skin saviour. It’s very well known for being the most effective AHA, revealing clearer, smoother skin almost instantly. I use it on average twice a week. Even my boyfriend is hooked on it! It’s also a unisex facial exfoliator, so if your Papa is in need of some deep facial exfoliation, hand this over to him for Father’s Day this weekend.


As the humidity levels rise, so does your skin’s natural hydration levels. So, you should switch to day creams/moisturisers (making sure they contain SPF), which offer a lighter source of hydration like a hydrating gel or oil. Or if you currently do not use a serum in your skincare routine, you could opt for a hydrating serum instead that feels barely there on your skin but packs a punch in terms of nourishment and hydration. If you want to continue using your Winter moisturiser but still want a lighter feel, a really good tip is to mix in rosewater or Witch Hazel to thin it out. Every morning, I love using the Kismet Jardin Hydra Gem oil-free serum and primer. Not only is it a super effective serum, but it also acts as a makeup primer to prevent your makeup clogging your pores and sinking into your skin. You can still get 30% off if you use the code ‘FELHG30’ at the checkout.^


2. Do a literal spring clean of your stash!

The season of Spring is all about new beginnings, that includes your beauty products. All makeup and skincare products have a shelf life and it’s really important to adhere to these for your own safety. Especially for mascara or any product that comes into contact with your delicate and sensitive eye area. Bacteria can easily accumulate in your products over time, with mascara being the most at risk for causing eye infections. Generally, your mascara should be thrown out after 3 to 6 months. For skin care, using expired products may cause break outs and other bacterial infections, maybe even some irritation or reaction. If you’re using a facial cleansing brush like a Clarisonic, now is a good time to replace the brush head too. Because your changing up your routine, it’s a great opportunity to declutter your stash of beauty products. Use this time to throw out old makeup sponges, sanitise lipsticks with some rubbing alcohol and you could also go through and sharpen all of your pencils too. Most likely you will find products that have already expired, or will expire before you get the chance to use them again. If your not sure how long the life of your product is, there is a symbol on most packaging that shows how long a product is safe to use for once its been opened (see below). You could go so far as to writing the opening date on the packaging to keep track, but I don’t do this.


3. Reorganise your life storage

This is a great thing to do once you have trashed all your expired products. Reorganise all your products by category and you’ll feel cleansed and so much better for it. I truly believe now that your environment has an impact on your mind, something that my Mum tried to drill in to me from a young age. If your space is a cluttered disorganised abyss, your mind will be too when you’re in that space, especially when it comes the time to find something specific. Get rid of anything you just don’t use, whether it be a makeup swap or giving away to friends of family or just trashing it. If you’re Spring cleaning your household, look out for anything that can be upcycled into cute storage ideas, like used candle jars or mason jars, teacups, boxes or bowls.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 9.33.25 pm.png

OhLOLandCo/via esty.com

4. Shed your skin

As with facial skincare, your body care routine should also be changed up for the warmer months. Humidity affects the skin on your limbs too, and because we are constantly wearing clothes in layers which hide our arms and legs during Winter, we get comfortable in not properly taking care of the skin our body because it’s not on display. But as your face needs extra hydration, so does your skin on your arms and legs. Now is a great time to start focusing on shedding the dry, dead and flaky skin hanging off your arms and legs. Whip out those body scrubs or exfoliating mitts, and get rid of that snakeskin! I’m using a really gentle scrub from LUSH at the moment, called the Mask of Magnaminty. I know it’s a face and body mask, but I got a really useful tip from a LUSH employee to use it as a gentle scrub instead. I started using it as a gentle scrub for my face at first, but then explored using it for my arms and legs and I really like the results. It’s not a deep exfoliation, but it still really gentle and effective. For those times I need a more thorough exfoliation, I switch to the heavier, more granular scrubs that give a deeper exfoliation. One of my most favourite body scrubs is the Natura Siberica Oblepikha and Honey Body Scrub. The smell, colour and the effectiveness of the exfoliation is just, yep! Don’t overuse heavier scrubs though, because it could do more harm then good! Scraping away deep skin cells too often which haven’t ‘died’ yet could damage your skin and make it even more dry than it was.

And remember to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise after your exfoliations!

And because your skin is now deeply exfoliated, it’s best to wait overnight before you go in with your fake tanner. There is nothing worse for tan lovers than feeling like you’re a bloodless zombie when the sun is shining on your bare legs. While I love rocking pale skin in the Winter months, I like to bring in Spring with a natural tan. Vani-T have a really good range of makeup and tanning products, including a gradual tanner called ‘Bronzing Custard’ that I’m absolutely obsessed with!


5. Brighten up your colour palette

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 7.41.46 pm
Photo: Kate Davies-Macleod/ via INSPIRATIONS

For Spring, think fresh blooms. Think corals, pastels, pinks and blush tones. Even though I still say you can wear whatever colour you want, the brighter foliage, blooming gardens and the sunny days inspire me to wear brighter colours. Switch up your dewy, heavier coverage foundations for tinted moisturisers, BB creams or lightweight foundations. Go easier on the contour, and focus more on blush. A perfect Spring time apricot hue can be achieved from using Milani Cosmetics Baked Blush in Luminoso. If you’re not a blush user, opt in for a pinky-nude blush and bronzer.


Rimmel has recently released their new Moisture Renew Lipstick range, and highlighting products, which are absolutely perfect for Spring. The lipsticks are quite sheer but still give a generous floral tint to your lips, with some added hydration.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 7.48.06 pm

PAGE DIVIDERHave you got any other way you prepare for the Spring season after a cold Winter? Let me know! I’m always up for finding hot new tips for regenerating after Winter.

I hope you’ve found this helpful!

In between posts, you can catch me on @thebeautyandthegeekau


Fel x

Disclaimer: These products were provided for editorial consideration, with the exception of the Milani Cosmetics Baked Blush. All opinions expressed were my own and not influenced by any external factors.
^ this denotes an affiliate code for which use of it will earn me a small commission
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5 thoughts on “5 ways to ‘Spring Clean’ your beauty routine

  1. Yay for Spring! Last weekend I felt inspired to do some extra decluttering and organising of my makeup, clothes and papers. I’d love to know what it is about Spring that automatically makes me get the decluttering and tidying urge! If only I felt this way at other times of the year too! Lol!


    1. Ingrid, so true!! I generally do one right before and after Winter for some reason. I am not sure what it really is, but it may be due to Spring being so refreshing that it radiates through our lifestyle and we just feel the need to get rid of some things and change things up in our routine. I’ve just spent the whole weekend doing a Spring Clean for my whole house! I’ve given away a fair bit of products I’ve never used, including clothes and shoes ( and a lounge!) to charity. It does feel great being a little lighter for Spring.


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