Everything you need to know about Beauty Heaven and the reasons why I am hooked!

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Those of you who follow my Instagram page would notice me from time to time raving about Beauty Heaven and being a part of their trial team. Since then I’ve had many people ask me, “What is Beauty Heaven and how does it work?” So, the aim of this post is for me to answer all the questions you may have on Beauty Heaven, and to give you new insight into how it all works.

What is this ‘Beauty Heaven’ I always speak of?

 THE number one question! Beauty Heaven (herein referred to as ‘BH’) is a website that you all should be a member of right now! It’s absolutely free to join, so you have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain!

 Here is the ‘About Us’ blurb written by the BH team:

“beautyheaven is more than just a beauty website; it’s a go-to destination where you can find all the advice, news and insider knowledge you could ever need. It’s a community where like-minded (read: beauty-obsessed) individuals come together to celebrate and share their love for all things make-up, skin care, hair, health, lifestyle, and so much more. It’s Australia’s most extensive beauty review database, and the place to visit to get your beauty fix.”

 Pretty much spot on, but I don’t believe the blurb does the website justice. It’s way more exciting than that! BH has a HUGE membership, and thousands of women contribute to the site daily by submitting product reviews, commenting on articles, entering competitions, participating in trials, and interacting with the staff and other members through their forums. It has an absolutely awesome loyalty program where members can earn points by interacting with the website and other members, and can then swap their points for free products in their famous “Beautorium” which is now happening 3 times a year! You can earn 220 points just by signing up, confirming your email address and creating your ‘Beauty Profile’. I do use the term ‘free’ very loosely though, because it’s not entirely free, we are being rewarded for the hard work we put into making BH as amazing as it is, and that’s worth a lot. In this blog post, I want to speak about all the aspects of BH, so that more women have the knowledge of all the things they can do with BH. I also want to hone in on the things I love most about BH (and there are a few).


 BH presents the biggest online database of product reviews in Australia, almost every product you can think of will be able to be viewed and reviewed by members of the Australian public.

How it works, is that brands will approach BH and ask them to be involved in the product reviewing site. Not all brands are a part of BH though, some high end brands like Urban Decay and Stila etc do not participate in BH. Product pages will then be uploaded to their website, and women like you and me find these products on the website and review them to describe our experience with them. Products that can be reviewed are from various brands across all beauty and lifestyle categories. The best part about it is that the reviews are written by everyday women like you and me! There is no bias from reviews written by the companies and representatives themselves and no one is paid to submit a review, so you can be sure all the testimonies are as impartial as can be, meaning you can fully trust in them! You can earn 5 points for each review that is accepted by the website, and brands can even respond to your review to talk to you more about your experience and understand why you loved – or didn’t love- a certain product. The reviewing aspect of BH is so valuable in my experience, there have been many products I was considering to buy but then didn’t purchase, after reading reviews by other women detailing their experience with the product. So it’s essentially saved me money and saved me from the horrors of buying a product and then hating it!

 Each month, there are a selection of products that are a part of the ‘Bonus Points’ round. Meaning that each review you write for those specified products will earn you double the points of a regular review, allowing you to build up your points balance even more.

 Trial Teams

Image from http://www.beautyheaven.com.au

 My absolute, most favourite part of BH is their trial team program. It’s a fantastic way to try products you’ve never used before, or to try products that have not even been released in Australia yet! However, you can’t just sign up to BH and then be on the trial team the next day, you have to reach Silver status (350+ points) to be considered and there are some criteria you need to meet. You can earn your spot on the Trial Teams by submitting numerous, high quality reviews. The BH staff are interested in members who write the most valuable reviews, so if you’re wanting to become a part of it, you really need to up your game by submitting ones that really stand out! After you’ve written at least 5 reviews, you can send in 3 reviews that you think are your best. A member of the BH staff – usually Vanessa (Hi Vanessa!!) – will analyse your reviews and determine whether you’re a good candidate for the trial teams. If you’re successful, you’ll be listed onto the database and be invited to trial teams for products that suit you’re beauty profile. Your profile is really important! It includes information such as your age, skin type, what sort of products you usually use etc. This is essential so that you’re the best fit the products that need to be trialed.

 The trial teams are a hugely popular function of BH, and as such it is really competitive! Places usually fill up within 30 minutes – you have to respond to email invitation – and hundreds of women are essentially competing for a place on the trial teams. Products that are included range from simple every day items like a lip balm, sunscreen or hair ties, to luxury items from brands such as Lancome and GHD.

 Not really apart of the trial teams, but another way for members to try out products is the monthly Discovery Bag. Every month there is a selection of new products that 10 members get to try. Once again, you have to be selected to receive these.

 Some of the most notable products I’ve been invited to review are:

  1. Philips Moisture Protect Hair Straightener
  2. Veet Spawax Stripless Wax System
  3. Covergirl Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation and Primer
  4. Babyliss Pro Duo Flex Epilator
  5. Essano Rosehip Body Oil (OMG absolutely loved this!)
  6. Abeeco Platinum Pure Perfection Cream
  7. Neutrogena HydroBoost Range


 Let’s face it, everybody loves a good competition. BH host a number of weekly competitions that are seriously squeal-worthy. Unbelievably generous, and frequent, it’s one of the most used features of BH. They also run special competitions for their voting events, where members vote their favourite products to win their categories. I have won a few competitions over the 5 years of being a member, but the most exciting one I ever won was last year for voting in their annual ‘Best in Beauty’ awards. Members voted for the best products in specified categories, and if they wrote a cracking 25 words-or-less answer to their question, they were one of the lucky 10 members to receive a prize pack of over $1000 full of products which have won in their categories. Mine included brands such as Estee Lauder, MAC, MUK, Jurlique, Lancome, Michael Kors and Benefit. I also won a Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Treatment which I just recently redeemed, valued at over $400. I was truly spoiled!

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 12.47.04 PM.png
My Best in Beauty Prize Pack


Image from http://www.beautyheaven.com.au

 The Beautorium is one the most exciting times on BH, everyone gets a buzz when they hear a new Beautorium is opening up. It’s basically an online shop where you can swap your points that you’ve earned for your participation in the website, for free products. Beautorium is open to BH members who have reached Silver status or above. Most of the time, its products that were hugely popular on trial teams or featured in articles. Products are spent with your points, but there are postage costs involved, and they are totally reasonable.

 Articles, and How-to’s.

 The BH team write really awesome articles that are super informative and appeal to everyone. Topics can span from skin care issues, new products on the market, verdicts from trial team members, how to find your right shade of red lipstick, to really serious issues like mental illness and how to watch out for really scary diseases like breast cancer and endometriosis. I really enjoy reading their articles, there are many new ones each week to read which are entertaining and informative, and you can also earn points by commenting on them as well.

 There are also tonnes of tutorials on makeup and hair, which are also really awesome to watch and learn.


 My other favourite part of BH is their forums. They have thousands of forum threads which are created by the BH staff, but most are created from the members. It’s pretty much there for the members to ask questions to get help and advice about all things beauty – and not beauty! A few categories include Skincare, Talkback and Health and Well-being. I participate daily on the forums because I absolutely love the community on BH. Everyone is so warm, welcoming and truly supportive. Lots of members look to the forums daily to find a little love, light and support from fellow members. Sometimes you find out that something that you’ve said to someone has really made a difference in the way think or feel (in a positive way), and that is the most rewarding part. You really get to know the members who make up the heart of BH, and it’s so easy to make friends and network and communicate. The BH staff also jump in on forum threads whenever they feel like a chat too, and it’s so nice to get a bit more personal with them. The forum is also a great place to find new ways to participate in BH. The monthly Discovery Bags applications open up on the forums, and sometimes there are special trials and events happening that are shared throughout the forums as well.

Well, there you have it; these are my favourite parts about BH. I hope it was informative, and gave you more insight into how the website works and all the ways you can participate. BH has become a part of my daily lifestyle now, I truly feel that something is off if I haven’t gotten my daily fix.

 Thanks BH for everything that you do, you are truly fantastic!

 Fel x


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